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Tips for dealing with academic stress as a student

book and pens on wooden table
book and pens on wooden table

In the past year or so, the lives of all of us have more or less been affected by the global pandemic, with or without our perceptions. It is especially difficult for students and teachers to adapt to a new way of learning/teaching.

A lot of necessary measures that should have been implemented and responses that should have been made are missing. Both students and teachers are living a chaotic academic life for the most part.

Even though I do see some educators trying their best to discuss and act upon the whole online teaching environment, I still believe that…

Learning doesn’t equal spending more money. Here are 6 proven ways that have helped me to find free online resources.

Laptop and notepad
Laptop and notepad

Whenever we’re trying to learn something new, “Google” is the most intuitive action we take. Google is certainly used a lot of times, but I bet everyone also has frustrated experiences after Googling and seeing all the advertisements and commercial-heavy content on the search engine result pages.

I started my self-learning journey last year. I started my own YouTube channel, hosted and set up a personal Chinese blog, designed my own logo and arts, and learned a lot about computer science, especially front-end, all by researching and learning online by myself.

It sounds that I’ve learned a lot just within…

How often are you checking your analytics? Let me guess… every 5 minutes

a creator working with multiple devices on a desk
a creator working with multiple devices on a desk

These days many of us start valuing the importance of financial education and find ways to build passive income. For many, becoming a content creator is a way that doesn’t need high entering benchmark.

We build different channels of income other than 9–5 jobs. We hope to become solely dependent on these income channels and only work as an employee for what we’re passionate about.

As we begin to write for an income, we pay much attention to how our content is performing, hoping we’re earning some pennies from it. I’m no different. …

Skillshare has taken the game of learning online to the next level

Edit John Wick photo in Adobe Photoshop
Edit John Wick photo in Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever got a “Skillshare sponsored” message when you’re watching YouTube videos? This online learning platform has made its name by sponsoring top-tier YouTubers’ videos. Many even claim that they learned the skills that the audience is seeing in videos, on Skillshare.

Is it that good so everyone should subscribe to this service and learn the skills we need on this platform?

I registered myself an account a month ago and tried out as many features as I could. Below are some pros and cons from my personal experience, not sponsored.

These are the pros I experienced within 1 month of using the platform

Skillshare is generous in giving out a free trial

There are many benefits I’ve found within the…

Hint: you’ll become a better person.

Startup office with a ping-pong table
Startup office with a ping-pong table

Is a startup worth joining? This is a popular topic many people debate over.

When you think of startups, do you think of a comfortable office with modern decoration? A group of passionate young people earning high salaries? Flexible working hours with a work-life balance?

Or do you think of the bad? Startups are not organized, messy, crazy, unstable, and too risky?

These are some common stereotypes I get from feedback when I share with others that I’m working at a startup. Both sides are true. But there’s something missing in the discussion. …

How I became 100% independent of social media platforms

a cellphone showing twitter logo
a cellphone showing twitter logo

Quitting social media” seems to become a popular idea many people are willing to experiment with.

Especially for creators, a lot of us are suffering from either the metric we’re chasing behind or the attention drawn from the public. The trend of experimenting with the movement seems reasonable as many creators are having their creative journeys as their full-time jobs.

For vloggers, it means there’s no work-life balance, as life becomes work, and work becomes life. I’m not a full-time creator. I merely make any money out of it. I’m currently just a nobody writing articles and uploading videos without…

How I pick up the habit of reading every day

a book opened, placed on green grass
a book opened, placed on green grass

Reading…? Weirdo

I’m 22. In the past 21 years of my life. The number of books I’ve finished reading is shockingly few for many people. I don’t know the exact number. I don’t really remember what I’ve read anyway. But I’m sure my 10 fingers will be too many to count them all.

I’d never been a reader. Honestly, I hated reading. Why would people spend so much time reading books instead of playing computer games? Computer games and TV shows are much more exciting, interesting, and thrilling. Books are just boring.

For people who are curious about my background, as a…

A day in the life of a digital marketer at Giftpack

Nowadays, you see job descriptions on recruiting platforms requiring different skill sets. You might wonder how it’s possible for a person to have that much knowledge in all those fields. Unfortunately, that is the reality, and most possibly the future trend.

Startup companies are known for their fast-changing environment. Working in the software industry, especially software as a service (SaaS) companies, requires a certain level of understanding of computer science.

Marketing needs to adapt both traditional and constantly changing dynamics to make sure messages and products are delivered in ideal ways. The nature of my job makes it inevitable for…

Recommended services and technology for a perfect Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day will take place on March 5 this year. Are you having difficulties coming up with ways to celebrate employees’ achievements in the past year? We’re here to help. We’ve selected the top 5 platforms for you to ensure a rewarding holiday celebration.

people sitting in front of computer monitors
people sitting in front of computer monitors

Common features for employee success platforms include providing an incentive program, sending company perks, and having the capability for data visualization. Before going into the ins and outs of these 5 platforms, we should think about the nature of employee appreciation events first. …

The only blog post you need to know everything about Employee Appreciation Day

Do you remember the last time you said “thank you” to your employees? Who was it? Where did it happen? What were you thanking them for?

people celebrating
people celebrating

Employee appreciation plays an essential part in a company's success and is an important reflection of company culture. The definition of employee appreciation is:

The act of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions to the workplace either through formal or informal channels — Toolbox

Simply put, it’s any action from you to show your gratitude to your employees.

It sounds so simple…

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